Monday, December 03, 2007

So... the office has finally shifted to Gur ( fucking) gaon. Jaggery village is not sitting down too well with me. Too sweet for my taste buds.
Today, I travelled an hour to get to office, only to fight with the parking lot attendents for 1/2 hour.
I come upstairs to the 7th floor, to fight with the admin over the rudeness of the guards. I am pacified. Post 1/2 hr I'm questioned by the admin people about the exact loaction of my car. I am subtly told that it is ' reserved parking' for the freaking seniors. I obviously dont fit in.
I find my seat, and discover that I'm sitting next to just about THE MOST boring people in office. I try to change my seat, however am not permitted.
I dont have a chair, so I steal one. I dont have a mouse so I borrow one.
I have a spare monitor sitting on my desk, which I would like to simply pick up and throw out the 7th floor. Wont that be a sight?!!
She's finally lost it. Yes... it was coming all along... and now its finally happened.

I'm giving up on this place... and I can feel the anger bubbling under.
Is quitting an option? Do people quit because they dont get parking space in the morning. Can I set an example?
For all u fools out there.... can I lead ure way? I promise u, I wont disappoint.