Friday, December 22, 2006

interesting stuff

I read some interesting things today...
It never ceases toamaze me at the vast space called the internet.

Have managed to track some interesting blogs.... the man who fell asleep reads particularly wierd.
I love wierd ! :)


I dont know whether its some sort of mental disorder or im just going crazy. There are a few things Ive noticed about myself in the last 6 months:
1) I dont recognize myself in the mirror anymore. I try to, and I remember my face, somewhat, but when I look at myself n Im not sure its me. Is it age? dunno. ig blank.
2) Less emotions... when I mean less, i mean almost none. I feel nothing for nobody no more. Family, friends, lover. noone. Its all a blank. Dunno whether thats a good thing or not.
3) Feel like there's someone else sitting inside me watching everything that's happening to me.
Might be gaining nirvana!! no?!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

all in a nutshell

a long long long time... very very long time, i know

So much to tell and so little time.

In a nutshell- moved back to Delhi, back with d man, back to same home.
So these were the positives.

Negatives- constantly guilty about dad being alone in B'bay, absolutely no communication wid best friend, from time to time feel like hell about it!
Otherwise.. is ok