Sunday, April 15, 2007

Perfect Strangers

I went for a movie ... alone... for the first time.
Irony of it all? watched ' Perfect Strangers' !!!

Throughout expecting some handsome hunk to take a cue from the movie and come speak to me ;)

Jokes apart... lets see. I wont comment on the movie much... though its worth a single watch. Im a die hard Bruce Willis fan... so anything for the man. ( his half-smile is just to die for... and age... well the man appears to grow sexier as the years fly by, no doubt).

what I would like to talk about is my experience. Being one of those big planners, I love having people around, maybe for the company, maybe for the hustle-bustle... or maybe just to dissect the movie after we watch it.

So, my decision to do it alone, was a suprise to me too.

Asking for a single ticket was easy, but I imagined the woman before me giving me a sympathetic look. I walked in and took my seat... only to realise that I knew the people sitting 2 seats away.
Had the choice of saying 'Hello' or pretending ignorance. I chose the latter. for a while I even had a virtual conversation going on in my head:
" Hey. how u doing?"
" Good. good. you?"
" not bad. whom u with?"
" Alone."
" aaaah. Join us, ya. "

So i dug my head deeper into my cell phone during the interval and constantly looked right, hoping they wont see me ( they were sitting to my left)
Got through the movie. Even enjoyed it. and am home now.

My irritation being... why the fuck was I embarassed to be going for a movie alone. Watching a movie is a perfectly fun way to spend time. I couldve been watching the same flick... alone... on Star Movies and wouldnt have thot twice about it. But in public, at some level I felt very alone. As though, having people with you justifies your watching a movie and otherwise maybe not?

A lot of my friends have gone for movies alone ( ok I'm lying, I know only 2 people who've done that) However, they have done it. And make no bones about it. However, after my experience today i realised that I fall in the other category.. amongst those who say, " Hey, u went for a movie alone? aaaaaaaaaa....why? U shudve called me, i'd have come along!"

Now... the problem being... I dont want to be in the IInd category. i want to be in the Ist category.
So I'm going for another movie... alone... this week... just to accept :

a) The idea of going alone for a flick
b) Myself and the changes I want to make in my way of thinking.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Vision 6 on 6

ok... I have a perfectly valid excuse for not writing in ages. AAAAANNNDDDD... technically speaking I should not be writing even right now!

I finally got eye surgery for glass removal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes my friends... I'm a 6 on 6... n I dont need specs/ contact lenses or any of that jazz anymore !!

I distinctly remember the day I first got spectacles. My dad was reading the newspaper in the drawing room, and I was trying to read the back pages from a distance, clearly squinting. I knew even then that I'm going down... and how!
Both my parents are blind as bats, and when my mom saw me struggling to read a few bold letters, her heart sank. Her beautiful 10 year old daughter 's face would soon be burdened with fat ugly glasses. Not to mention the mental torture which she would suffer , as with all 'specy' kids.
I was rushed to the doc, eyes quickly checked and fitted with glasses, and I was on my way back to school.
I dont know whether all people who get glasses during their childhood suffer from it, but I definitely suffered from a complex because of the damn frames.
There were times I would imagine how I look to people -

Do they see my face? Is the focus on the frames? Does it overshadow my personality? will any guy ever fall for me?

Consequently, through the years, I took them off at every opportunity possible. And the num ber rose and rose and rose, and my mother cried and cried and cried, and I was forced to wear them again!
In class 10th I was finally allowed the freedom of contact lenses by my fearful parents, who thought putting anything in the eye could be harmful, be it kajal or lenses!



and life has been uphill since then...

Until last year.

I developed an allergy to my lenses!

I went to a doc, b doc, c doc.
Tried every goddam eye drop in the bloody medical books!

Had people ask me things like: " Havent u slept last night? Ure eyes are swollen".

So developed a 'Swollen eye" phobia. ( and it was a phobia... friends started telling me before I even asked- " NO! URE EYES ARE NOT SWOLLEN!"

Then last week, I decided enough is enough...take the leap. Take the ultimate risk with my eyes. I'd had it upto my nose wearing specs ( cudnt even kiss without taking them off!! ).

So, I underwent the surgery. I have no clue how I badgered my mom into agreeing to this... considering eye phobia runs in the family! but I did.

And here i am...writing this scrap wearing dark glasses... vision 6 on 6