Friday, November 07, 2008

money money money... its a rich man's world

So i walk into this club... no... not to party... for a job. and they give it to me. i'm to be their marketing person. this is in the span of 1 week before which i'm to join MPG (the job which i dont like but will pay me and keep me going up the corporate ladder)
Here's a club/ record label/ production house ... and they have no money... but they sell a dream... they do something unique... and they're surrounded by music... and it makes me mad that they want me but they cant afford me. n it makes me madder that im dying to join them but the money factor is driving me nuts. Its maddening that mumbai is such an expensive place to live in that one cant exist here without counting one's pennies. its crazy that a so-called music buff is double minded about a project which would might make her life more meaningful, just because she wont have enuff moolah going into the pocket.

The question is what are the pros and cons again?
1. i know i'm gonna love this
2. the place is small... the people are warm... the work is exponentially more interesting than anything i've done before
3 It'll be interesting to grow with a start up... probable even establish one's name through it.

1. im an advertising person... it would mean shifting industries... literally!
2. Money is SHIT... it isnt even enough to pay my monthly rent in South bombay!!
3. i'll be living hand to mouth if i were living alone... thankfully im not... but i'm never gonna come even close to what hubby's making... and i'll be foreever dependent on him

Dats it... n i have to give them an answer today. Not to forget, ive already said 'yes' to MPG, who're expecting me at work from coming monday!! Feel like hell.