Friday, February 16, 2007

Nonsense !!!

ok ... here's to a new me !!
forget the posts u read before... wipe them... erase them from thy memory.

Those were rants of a bitter woman... not so bitter no more.
How? Why? dunno.

But enough is fucking enough!
You may wonder what led to this transformation overnight?

Well... its a small little Cafe Latte with K and extensive reading on 'nonsense'
Huh? Nonsense? I hear you mutter.

well... actually yes... NONSENSE!

We scan through Full circle Bookstore, and K tries to cheer me up with this book called ' The Tenth Rasa- an Anthology of Indian Nonsense'
It works.

We laugh all evening reading wacky poems translated from local Indian languages to English. Let me read a poem to you to illustrate:

( translated by Anushka Ravishankar from the Maraathi original ' Dhaarmik')

In the town of piouspur
Lived such a pious sage
when he caught a cold he read
the Gita, page by page!

Here's another one:

What the Little Girl Learnt
( Translated by Sampoorna chaterji from the Bengali original ' Meye Kemon Shikchhen')

Yes ma!
Baa Baa Black sheep
Have you any wool?
No ma, No ma,
that's all bull.
Not black, not a sheep,
Not at all woolly
So, where'll I get wool?
You're wrong fully?

Isn't it BIZARRE!!!

There are many more wierder ones... n I promise to read out one daily to you... just for a laugh.

In the foreward, the poem above has been critically analysed in light of the term ' nonsense'... the argument being that nonsense can be studied as the very basis of existense.
The different essays throw up ideas like, nonsense is a human endeavour which allows the simultaneity of is-ness and is-not-ness. ( trying to read further to figure that one out!!)

Our ' What the little girl learnt' is actually understood as a dig at English culture, and how through verse Indian's rebel. It is also studied as an anti-racist poem.. where the Indian child clearly rejects the notion of ' Black'.

Fascinating no how there is meaning in nothingness?

So... my spirits are up and I feel like laughing and being silly, just for the heck of it.
Why need a reason? :)

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